The Thrifty Thrill is a feeling. It's the feeling of finding those perfect pair of boots in your size, the ones that you have been dreaming about, and for only five dollars at a thrift store. This blog is dedicated to the treasures I find at thrift stores, yard sales, consignment shops, etc.
  • The (thrifty) Thrill of doing what I do best - thrift shopping

  • Out thrift shopping and falling in love with the colors of fall 🍂 #HappyThriftyThursday (at

  • Missing summer flea markets

    Woodstock, NY

  • I adore this blog, and your house is awesome. Always great to meet a fellow thrifter :D

    Thanks for the love. Thrifters unite!

  • That’s what I am talking about!

    And I thought yard sale season was over. Time for some new thrifty THRILLS!

    (seen in New Paltz, NY)

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  • My (Mountain) Man wearing his own thrifty thrills

    I was actually with him when he bought his shirt. The details: 

    "ill" Jersey @ Salvation Army in Kingston, NY for $4.00

    Thrifting Tip:

    Bring your girlfriend or boyfriend on a thrift shopping date! It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s cheap!

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  • Happy October Thrifters! 

    I found these flower trays at a tag sale and the gentleman ringing me out gave them to me for free!

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  • Thrilled about these! #TheThriftyThrillTreasures (at

  • The Thrifty Thrill Tunes 

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  • TBT ~ Summer Yard Sale Find!

    Midi Rings - $1 each

    Square Ring - $2 

    All sterling silver, can’t beat it!

    Yard Sale Tip: Don’t judge a yard sale from the car! I followed a few signs until I arrived at this sale and I was disappointed at first. The sale only had two tables and there wasn’t much merchandise. BUT as you can see, I found some great rings that are totally my style. I would have never been able to spot them from the car! So don’t just drive by, get out and take a closer look! I am glad I did! And, if I don’t stress this enough, you. never. know. what. you. might. find!

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  • When thrift stores are closed < but have cool names > #clothingandcrap #thriftingadventurefail (at

  • Lots of thrifty thrills on my beautiful back porch #missinghome

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  • Thrift Shopping Mood Board by The Thrifty Thrill 

    *not all photos included are mine*